Return right here on Thursday, June 10, for this year's event. But in the meantime...

Please enjoy last year's Game Show!

How to Play

On Thursday, June 10 the online version of Are You Smarter than a 5th Grade Teacher will begin at approximately 7:05pm. Kathrine Nero, our moderator, will kick off the game with our team of All-Star 5th Grade Teachers. Our emcee for the live-stream event, John Lomax, will start the game, provide any important game rules and ask the questions.


A few basic rules are:

You are playing as a team – either one you coordinated and signed in with or as a team of one.

We will play two rounds and a final, single-question round. All questions are timed and points increase by round.

You will have 45 SECONDS to answer each question individually. Points are awarded for correctness AND for speed of response. Your team score is the average of your individual players’ scores.

Please do NOT try to look up your answers. This is a virtual game, but let’s TRY to play OLD SCHOOL. It is harder to enforce that this year, but be on your honor!

REMEMBER – you are all competing against our awesome group of All-Star teachers!